Peer-Reviewed Papers
  • Molinek, F.R., & Bilardello, D. (2018). Application of an anisotropy-based correction to relative paleointensity estimates of experimentally deposited sediments, Geochemistry, Geophysics, Geosystems, 19.
Conference Presentations
  • Molinek, F.R. (2021). Under Our Feet: A SciComm Storytelling Podcast Rooted in Place, Abstract SY045-0822 presented at 2021 Fall Meeting, American Geophysical Union, New Orleans, LA, 12-17 Dec. 
  • Villa, A., Molinek, F.R.*, Batchelor, C., Christenson, C., Chutcharavan, P.M., Diaz-Vallejo, E.J., Dodge, S., Dutton, A., Goodwin, L.B., Jones, A.G., Lovelace, D., Lusk, A.D., Marin-Spiotta, E., McDowell, T., Mixon, E., Norsted, B., Reusche, M., Stevens, S., Vo, T., Zahasky, C. (2021) URGE at UW-Madison: The Experience of a Super-Pod, Abstract U35A-2256 presented at 2021 Fall Meeting, American Geophysical Union, New Orleans, LA, 12-17 Dec. (denotes presenting, but not first, author)
  • Molinek, F.R., Hougham, R.J., Goodrow, Z., & Herde, I. (2021) Connecting to Nature at Home Through Observation and Storytelling, presented at the 2021 North American Association for Environmental Education Conference, virtual, 12-15 Oct.
  • Molinek, F.R., Hougham, R.J., Herde, I., & Goodrow, Z., (2021) The Equinox Storytelling Summit: Using Stories to Enhance Science Education and Connection to Place, 2021 UW-Madison Education Research Virtual Poster Fair, 26 April.
  • Molinek F.R., (2016). Evaluating scatter of detrital remanent magnetizations: effects on relative paleointensity estimates and inclination shallowing, Abstract GP14C-06 presented at 2016 Fall Meeting, American Geophysical Union, San Francisco, CA, 11-16 Dec.
  • Molinek, F.R., Garver, J.I., & Davidson, C., (2015) Detrital zircon U/Pb ages and provenance of the Tofino Basin sedimentary sequence, Olympic Peninsula, Washington, Paper No. 10 presented at the Geologic Society of America Cordilleran Section – 111th Annual Meeting, Anchorage, AK, 11–13 May.
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